Variety Name -::- Srimati(CR Dhan 207)

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Dr.S.K.Pradhan, Dr.A.Ananadan, Dr.Srikanta Lenka, Dr.Sanjya Saha,Dr.Elssa Pandit, Mr.Sumya Ranjan Barik, Dr.P.Sanghamitra
Parentage & details of pedigree :
IET 23448(IR 71700-247-1-1-2/IR 57414-PMI 5-B-1-2)
Breeding method :
Pedigree method of selection
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Area of adaptation :
High hulling and milling recovery,medium slender grain,very occasionally grain chalkiness present,3.5 alkali spreading value and intermediate amylose content
Morphological character :
Plant Height(cm) :
Maturity (Days) :
Reaction to major diseases :
It is moderately resistant to leaf blast,neck blast,brown spot and sheath rot
Reaction to major insect pest :
It is moderately resistant to Stem borrer(both dead heart and white ear head),Leaf folder,Green Leaf hopper and gall midge
Agronomic features
Non lodging plant type Intermediate grain shattering Fertlizer responsive Early maturity type
Reaction to abiotic stress :
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