Variety Name -::- Raghunath

Released order no. :
Release date :
Notifocation order no :
Notification date :
Sponsored by :
Vice Chancellor, OUAT
Developing agency :
Sugarcane Research Station,Nayagarh
Developed by :
Dr.P.K.Nayak, Dr.P.K.Mishra, Dr.A.Mishra
Parentage & details of pedigree :
Co A 7602 PC
Breeding method :
Closely resembling variety :
Area of adaptation :
Morphological character :
Stool Habit-Erect,Stem Colour(Exposed)-purple,Ivory marks present,Internode shape-cylindrical,Pithness -present, No of root eye rows-2,Bud Size-Medium,Bud Shape- ovate,Bud Cushion-absent, Bud Groove-Absent. Leaf lamina colour-Green,Leaf carriage- open erect,Leaf sheath colour-Purple green,Leaf sheath colour-Purple green,leaf sheath spine-absent, leaf sheath clasping-non flowering type
Plant Height(cm) :
Maturity (Days) :
Reaction to major diseases :
Resistance to Red rot,wilt.
Reaction to major insect pest :
Resistance to scale insect
Agronomic features
Reaction to abiotic stress :
Tolerant to drought
Avg. yield in normal condition(Kg/ha) :
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