Variety Name -::- Ghanteswari

Released order no. :
Release date :
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Sponsored by :
Developing agency :
Rice Research Station, Bhubaneswar
Developed by :
Dr. S. R. Das, Dr. A.T. Ray and Dr. H. K. Mohanty
Parentage & details of pedigree :
Breeding method :
Closely resembling variety :
Area of adaptation :
Medium bold grain with transluscent dull red kernel
Morphological character :
1.Semi-dwarf, photo-insensitive, darkgreen erect flag leaf. 2.Hull golden colour on ripening.
Plant Height(cm) :
Maturity (Days) :
Reaction to major diseases :
Resistant to blast , neckblast and moderately tolerant to BLB, brown spot, shealth rot, shealth blight, RTV
Reaction to major insect pest :
Resistant to stembore and moderately tolerant to moderately tolerant to gall-midg.
Agronomic features
Reaction to abiotic stress :
Avg. yield in normal condition(Kg/ha) :
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Recomended ecology :
Information on acceptability :
Specific recomendation :
Also recommended for Eastern UP.
Any other Information :
The variety is accepted as an alternative to Annapurna for its high yield, earlier maturity duration, better grain quality , higher hulling, milling and heas rice recovery and high degree of resistance to major pests and diseases.