Variety Name -::- Dhauli

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Release date :
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Sponsored by :
Developing agency :
Central Agricultural Research Station Bhubnaeswar
Developed by :
Dr B. N. Samalo and Sr. J.M. Singh
Parentage & details of pedigree :
Seed colour shining green protein content 26%.
Breeding method :
Closely resembling variety :
Area of adaptation :
Morphological character :
Intermediate Paknt height , photo-insensitive, compact branching leaves large and pale green , upper leaves quadrafoliate and penta foliate.
Plant Height(cm) :
Maturity (Days) :
60-65 (Kharif)
Reaction to major diseases :
Highly tolerant to YMV and cercospora leaf spot.
Reaction to major insect pest :
Highly tolerant to cercospora leaf spot.
Agronomic features
Reaction to abiotic stress :
Avg. yield in normal condition(Kg/ha) :
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