Variety Name -::- Shrabani

Released order no. :
Release date :
Notifocation order no :
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Sponsored by :
Developing agency :
Rice Research Station, Bhubaneswar
Developed by :
Dr. H.K Mohanty , Dr. S.R. Das and Dr. A.T. Ray
Parentage & details of pedigree :
Mahsuri/ IR30
Breeding method :
Closely resembling variety :
Area of adaptation :
Medium slender grains with golden coloured hull and translucent white kenel.
Morphological character :
International height –photo-insensitive with yellowish green erect leaves.
Plant Height(cm) :
Maturity (Days) :
Reaction to major diseases :
Resistant to sheath rot, and moderately resistant to blast, sheath blight, brown spot and RTV.
Reaction to major insect pest :
Resistant to stem borer and moderately resistant to RTV.
Agronomic features
Reaction to abiotic stress :
Avg. yield in normal condition(Kg/ha) :
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Any other Information :
The variety has gained popularity for its high stable yield and good grain quality. IT combines intermediate height with high yield potential, yields well both under high and low fertility condition.